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Vanilla Survival,

Home to a simple, vanilla survival experience; how it should be. The only modifications to your play experience are basic land claiming, and a modest selection of plugins to protect fair play, and yourself. Team up with your friends and form a group, as you venture from spawn to explore, build, and fight the way you want to. There is no limit to what you can do as we have removed all restrictions on in-game mechanics to allow you to get that true Vanilla Minecraft feel. This means you can build on top of the nether, make a flying machine, or build an automatic farm. Since the possibilities are endless, the only thing limiting your fun is you!

With cross-platform compatibility, you and your friends can play on the same server via both Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft!

No tp, home, or fancy commands; just basic vanilla mechanics.
Our server also features bi-weekly end resets to ensure new players get to explore the end for themselves. Friendly owners and staff are usually available 24/7 but if not, you should be able to contact them through our discord.

Check out our website to get the inside scoop on how the server operates and how to get connected.

Over on our discord, you can enhance your server experience by linking your Minecraft account and accessing other custom features. Chat with players in-game, post your builds, or hang out with other players in voice chat. Our discord integrations truly add a new depth of connectivity to your Minecraft experience.


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