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What you need to know

Rules & FAQ: FAQ


  1. Using hacks or game-breaking exploits are bannable offences. Anything that gives an unfair advantage over other players will classify under this and includes but is not limited to the following: X-Ray / Radar; Hacked Clients; Macros (AutoClickers); Injectable hacks; and Abusing bugs (such as disconnecting your WiFi to gain access to otherwise inaccessible places)

  2.  Excessive spawn killing and camping must be avoided.

  3.  All discord rules are applicable in-game.

  4.  Being AFK is acceptable when there is no use of glitches/bugs, 3rd party software, hardware, or physical objects in an attempt to bypass/cheat the AFK timmer.

  5. Use all modifications at your own risk. As a general rule though, these modifications are the categories of permitted modifications: Client Performance Improvement Mods, Aesthetic Mods, Cosmetic HUD (Head-Up Display) Mods, Brightness & Gamma Adjustment Mods.

Discord Server rules can be found on our discord. 


This server is vanilla-inspired so there are no fancy commands or in-game cosmetic changes to your play experience. This means that there are no /tp or /wild commands so you are on your own to explore the world! When you join you will start at spawn in the Safe Area. There you are safe from PVP and mobs, but as you venture out into the Warzone, anyone and anything can hurt you. Once you enter the Wilderness, you are free to build and explore to your heart's content. Venture out and build a base for yourself far out or explore the builds around spawn. There is no limit to what you can do as we have removed all restrictions on in-game mechanics to allow you to get that true Vanilla Minecraft feel. This means you can build on top of the nether, make a flying machine, or build an automatic farm. Since the possibilities are endless, the only limit to your fun is you!


Here at Vanilla Survival, we use a function called groups that allows players to claim land and form teams with their friends. Though creating a group is not necessary to play it helps you protect your builds and items. Claiming land through a group only stops players from building and breaking blocks in your claimed land. However, it does not completely protect you from griefing by creepers and TNT, so you will need to take extra steps to ensure your stuff is protected! Below are some basic group commands and descriptions to help you get started! you can also do /g help in-game to see a complete list of commands.

  • /g create {Group Name} (This command allows you to create a group with whatever name you want)

  • /g claim (This command allows you to claim land "chunks" and gives you exclusive ownership to that area. Use F3+g to see chunk borders and the borders of the area you are claiming. You get 10 claims to start wand gain one each week.)

  • /g map (This command allows you to see the claimed land around you. The land you own will be in green, unclaimed in gray, and land owned by other players in yellow. You are located in the center of the map and the moving symbol is the direction you are facing.)

  • /g invite {player} & /g join {Group Name} (You can invite players to join your group with the first command and they can accept your invitation with the second. Any player you invite to your group will be able to build and modify your claims.)

  • /g lock & /g lock add {Player} (If you want to keep an interactive block [i.e Chest, Beacon, etc.] safe from grefing you can lock the block, making it indestructible with the first command. You will then have exclusive access to that block but can add other group members to the lock using the second command. There is currently a 25 lock limit per claim so be sure to use them wisely!)

  • /g info (Use this command to see your current group info)


  • End Resets

    • Plyers are not able to respawn the dragon on thier own, but you can check the occurrence of automatic end rests using /endreset command. This way you can know exactly when the end will be reset. Players in the end when the reset occurs will be sent to their spawn points. ​

  • PvP Logging

    • If you are engaged in PVP or are attacked and disconnect to avoid dying you will be listed as PVP logging. On the third time you PVP log, and each time after, you will be automatically killed if you try to disconnect. ​

  • Portal Traps

    • If you find yourself stuck in a nether portal and unable to get out we have an automated system to assist you. After standing in a portal for 60 seconds you will be given the hunger effect to allow you to starve to death and escape. If you eat or disconnect during that time your timer will be reset.  ​

  • Group Destruction

    • If a player does not log on for 14 consecutive days they are kicked from a group. If a group has no members left in it will be destroyed!​


Running a Minecraft server is fun but it's not free, if you enjoy the server please consider donating! In the notes section of your donation please state your MC username and which reward you would like.

$10: /nick (Forever)

Allows you to change your in-game display name and customize it with Bukkit color codes whenever you want forever. Includes donator role on Discord and access to the private donator chat & VC.

Using /nick to impersonate other players is a bannable offense. This does not apply to changing your actual Minecraft username.

$2: Custom Item Name Colors ( One Season)

Allows you to use Bukkit color codes in anvils when renaming items for a season. 

$5: /AFK (One Season)

Allows you to use the /AFK command to be kick exempt for a season.

You can View the Mincraft color codes HERE

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